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League Statement: Rowledge vs Basingstoke & North Hants

14th September 2021
By Steve Vear

Following events at Rowledge v Basingstoke & North Hants on 14th August 2021, the League wish to confirm that Basingstoke & North Hants CC banned the following players for various breaches of the code of conduct:

  • George Metzger (5 matches)
  • Dean Nurse (1 match)
  • Joe Oates (1 match)
  • Dan Belcher (2 matches)
  • Greg Donaldson (1 match)
  • Brad Neal (1 match)

Following a referral to a disciplinary hearing, Tyler Bradley was subsequently issued with a 6 match ban from the League.

In addition, the SPCL held that Basingstoke & North Hants CC brought the League into disrepute, and as such have taken the following action:

  1. To remove the points gained in the match (21)
  2. To remove a further 20 points from the 2021 league table
  3. To issue the club with the maximum fine (Level 5) of £100
  4. To issue a warning that any issues surrounding the club conduct in the future will result in removal of divisional standing