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2021 E-Handbook

25th April 2021
By Stephen G Jones

The SPCL 2021 E-Handbook can be downloaded here. Please give it a read through as and when required; the main features that will probably aid usage most this season are:

  • Separate sections for the limited overs rules of the Premier Division and the limited overs rules of Divisions One to Three.
  • Side bookmarks to indicate which section you are in (so that you don’t accidentally read the Premier Division rules & regulations when you want Division One, for example).
  • Coverage of the 2019 and 2020 seasons, as well as the usual 2021 fixtures information.
  • Total file size is a modest 8MB, which should mean a fast download on to your device if and when you require it (although we do recommend you save a copy too).

IMPORTANT: this version of the E-Handbook includes the words "YEAR BOOK 2021 - FINAL EDITION" on page 1. If you have previously downloaded a version without these words, then please delete it as it will not contain the latest rules and regulations.