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HCB Financial Support Update

25th January 2021
By Mike Varney

The HCB have updated their financial support page - - and the information also appears below (*new content asterisked).

* STOP PRESS: 10 portable defibrillators left, scheme open until 31 January 2021.

Please click here for details and email for an application form.

* ECB Return to Cricket Grant Scheme extended to March 2021

ECB have announced three emergency schemes to support the recreational game.

  • Return to Cricket Grant Scheme please click here for details and email for an application form
  • League Emergency Loan Scheme £50k interest free to leagues covering balls, handbooks and entry fees - click here for details
  • Emergency Loan Scheme for clubs including 12-month repayment holiday (contact

We recommend that clubs contact all their suppliers to renegotiate 2020-21 costs. Please click here to download the cashflow template Excel spreadsheet prepared by our good friends at the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation.

If your club or organisation has recently obtained any funding, please email with details or a link to the fundraising page (individual amounts will not be shared). ECB advises that cricket's relationship with government will be enhanced in the coming months if cricket can demonstrate that it has raised funds for cricket and community causes.

* Funding Source (HCB affiliated clubs)Awards£
Government Small Business Grant 60 £593,683
ECB Emergency Support 54 £152,565
Club Fundraising (including £40,791 for non-club causes) 37 £149,067
Sport England Community Emergency Fund 38 £109,209
TOTAL 189 £1,004,524

* Government Grant and Business Rates Relief eligibility

Funds are administered by the 14 Hampshire and Isle of Wight local authorities. Please click below for:

Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors (including sports clubs) in England will not have to pay business rates for the 2020-21 tax year, please click here for details. Your local authority will write to you if you are eligible for rate relief. You should make contact with your local authority if you are not getting a grant or relief to which you think you are entitled.

* ECB County Grants Scheme

This scheme is due to open in April 2021 alongside new Welcoming Environments Guidance.

England and Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT) Interest Free Loan Scheme

The scheme remains open to eligible clubs providing finance for capital projects (including machinery). If your club wishes to apply, please click here to download an Expression of Interest Form. This scheme is separate to the Emergency Loan Scheme and is not administered through ECB’s Investment Management System.

The Trustees of the England and Wales Cricket Trust (ECB’s subsidiary charity) have agreed that loan repayments will be suspended for the first year of the five year term. All other terms and conditions remain in place. If you have any questions, please contact

* ECB and LV= #Funds4Runs

As COVID-19 continues to impact us all, LV= General Insurance and the ECB have partnered to bring to life a £1million fund – #Funds4Runs – providing financial support across the grassroots cricket community, giving free cricket places for children in deprived areas. Please click here for more information.

ECB Support Centre: click here details of ECB loan & grant schemes, eligibility and how to apply

* Other sources of financial support

Funding sources include but are not limited to:

  • * Sport England Return To Play: please click here to find the right grant of match funding scheme for your club or organisation.
  • Parish, borough, district and county councils may be able to offer local support. Contact your local council and / or councillor for more information.
  • Clubs constituted as charities can click here for charity specific funding information from the Charities Aid Foundation.
  • Please click here for Grants Online's list of funds accepting applications.

* CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) Status

Please click here for the list of 52 Hampshire clubs and organisations registered as CASCs as at January 2021 on the HMRC website. Please click here for ECB information on CASC status. Please click here for Government information on CASCs including eligibility for Gift Aid.

We are aware that many CASCs and charities have suspended the collection of membership subscriptions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic but some individuals are making voluntary donations instead in order to support their club.

It is worthwhile reminding you that that there is no barrier to Gift Aid being claimed on such donations, provided they are freely given, no benefits arise in consequence of that specific donation (either now or in the future) or, if provided, they fall within the legislative limits, and a Gift Aid Declaration is obtained.

In circumstances where clubs have reduced their subscription rate, any amounts freely donated over and above this reduced amount would also potentially be eligible for Gift Aid. In all cases it must made clear to the members that the amounts voluntarily given by them are not subscriptions, carry no subscription rights and will be treated as donations on which the CASC or charity will claim Gift Aid.

The personal tax implications of making a Gift Aid donation will also need to be explained to donors.

NatWest COVID-109 Cricket Club Financial Guide

Given the impact Coronavirus has had on the start of this year’s cricket season, NatWest together with the ECB have launched a new online financial guide to help cricket leagues, clubs and volunteers efficiently manage their finances and help clubs thrive. The NatWest Club Cricket Financial Guide offers practical advice and tools including how to deal with the impact of Coronavirus, looking after the cricket community and guidance on how to boost income through tips on memberships, facilities and sponsor support. The guide is available here for clubs to download and access. Tips include:

  • Taking Care of the Community: Cricket clubs are a huge part of a local community and have a role to play in keeping morale high. As a club, it’s important to remember that your club will need to balance the needs of the members as well as considering the impact on the club. Here are a few thought starters to help members reduce the cost of playing and keep them involved in the club.
  • Flexibility: Some members might need some flexibility with membership payments due to reduced income. Thinking about how they can structure payments over time to help members stay involved with the club can have longer term benefits that should be considered.
  • Second-hand Kit Sale: Another consideration for your members is a second-hand kit sale. Cost of new equipment can be pricey so if there are any members not returning or buying new kit for the season that may help reduce the cost of playing and keep members at the club.

Click here to download the Funding Flow Chart