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From the Results Secretary - Play-Cricket comments

1st June 2019
By Stephen G Jones

To all clubs,

The speedy delivery of result sheets and Play-Cricket scorecards this season so far has been great, and the League is really pleased. However, there are a few things that would be very helpful for the Results Secretary if they are completed, as follows:

- The scorer names on the Play-Cricket scorecards (at least 5 matches each week have this information missing)

- Catchers, run out fielders, fall of wickets information on Play-Cricket

- Agreement between the overall summary, batting figures and bowling figures

- Premier Division Timed matches need the following items in the Highlights section:

    -- Runs scored by team batting first after 60 overs

    -- Details of any slow over rates for either team

    -- In a drawn match, respective run rates for each team

- PCS (Scoring App) and PCS Pro users: the player IDs on your software should match those on Play-Cricket, otherwise lots of players show up in red and have to be matched manually

If there is anything that cannot be represented on Play-Cricket at the time of submission, e.g. the details of an emergency player registration, then please enter as much information as possible in the Highlights section of the scorecard.

If something comes up and you're not sure how to proceed, then please contact the Results Secretary for further advice.