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Play-Cricket Scorer Pro & Electronic Scoreboards

4th October 2018
By Mike Varney

Build your own scoreboard for Play-Cricket Scorer (PCS) Pro:

This is an open source (free) project that allows cricket clubs to build their own electronic scoreboards from parts that can be bought from electrical supply and DIY shops! The website has all of the designs and detailed instructions needed to build an electronic scoreboard.

Click here for more info.

Scoreboard Integration (PCS Pro):

If your scoreboard is provided by FSL, ESU or ECS (Durant Cricket) you are able to connect Play Cricket Scorer Pro via your current USB cable connection. If you don’t have a cable, please contact the relevant supplier.

If you would like to connect Play Cricket Scorer (phone and tablet) to your scoreboard by Bluetooth you can with the help of a specially designed box. Again, please contact the supplier who can help you with this:
FSL - info@fslelectronics.com
ECS (Durant Cricket) - enquiries@durantcricket.co.uk
ESU - info@electronicscoreboardunits.com

For any other manufacturer – please contact the help desk at play.cricket@ecb.co.uk for further information.


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